Rare Diseases

Our Team

Our team is comprised of internationally recognized researchers with expertise in health economics, health policy and law, pharmacy, medical genetics, priority setting and decision-making, ethics, and clinical management of rare diseases; the team also includes representation from a reimbursement decision-maker from the BC Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Services Division. Furthermore, 5 members of the team currently sit on provincial committees responsible for developing rare disease management and treatment guidelines and making recommendations to government payers regarding drug coverage.

“Knowledge Users” will contribute to the ongoing identification of policy-relevant issues for Canadians relating to the development and funding of rare disease, and will facilitate the translation of the research findings into the evaluation and decision-making arenas.

The continual new discovery of rare diseases and the growth of personalized medicine demand that Canada trains and retains highly qualified personnel; our team will provide trainees with access to a wealth of multidisciplinary experience and mentorship.